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Never underestimate the importance of supervision!

Freckle supervises dishwasher repair man Oct 18 2012

Freckle supervises dishwasher repair man Oct 18 2012

We had our dishwasher serviced yesterday. This kind of thing requires careful supervision and can be time consuming. As the Boxer of the house, it’s my job to keep an eye on unusual people in the apartment… especially when they’re near the kitchen. One thing I noticed right off yesterday was that this guy was just a pup–barely on solid food! I think you can see his knees in the photo here. Boxers in our house have learned the hard way about the importance of supervision when dealing with the repair man (I’ve never met a “repair woman”… just sayin’).

Back in the early ’90s when Bridget ran the ship, the moms decided to call a repair man to look at the kitchen stove. As the story goes, they called the guys with the biggest Yellow Pages ad! Yes, I said Yellow Pages–this was before the Internet! A couple of guys with matching bib overalls and a big suitcase full of tools came right away.

Now Bridget was pretty young and inexperienced and she made the mistake of multi-tasking (again) and leaving the pair unsupervised in the kitchen for a bit. Twenty minutes went by and lots of clattering and banging behind the stove. Then… a deafening crack of electricity, a blinding flash and … silence.

Instantly the moms appeared–one from each end of the apartment–looking for fried repair guy for dinner. Amazingly, the two terrified lumps in overalls cowering on the tile floor were alive and barely scorched. It goes without saying that Bridget didn’t leave them alone for another second. But then they didn’t stay long either–the moms gave them a swift kick out the door and said “Don’t come back!”

Lots of learnin’ happened that day. Bridget learned to never leave bib overalls alone in your house. The moms learned that big Yellow Page ads don’t mean diddly-squat. And two guys with really frazzled hair learned that just because you can afford a full-page ad doesn’t mean you can fix electric stoves. Yep, that was a long time ago and our house is a safer place because of it.


The Tandoori Chicken Boxer

ImageThe Tandoori Chicken Boxer (TCB) is a highly valued variety of the popular Boxer breed. Usually cayenne in colour (also known as “fawn” or “red”), the Tandoori Chicken Boxer is extraordinarily intelligent and is often recognizable by the dark freckles appearing on the muzzle, chest, and other places. Large, kind eyes are common in this breed and are outstanding in the Tandoori Chicken Boxer. The eyes are critical in the feeding habits of TCBs and indeed in most Boxers known to humans. Typically, a soft, loving gaze is utilized, honed through intense visualization and used strategically on the weakest of humans seated in the room. These are individuals identified through rigorous research as EPOFs or Extreme Push-Overs with Food. Success can be attained with other human varieties but this normally requires time and patience not always available. As the EPOF’s bowl of aromatic food is nearly empty, the TCB begins to salivate with rivulets ultimately pouring from each side of the mouth. A questioning tilt of the head often occurs simultaneously. At this point the Tandoori Chicken Boxer is in full-on “hunt mode” and very little can distract its focus. It’s important to note that this procedure is entirely silent, save the sound of the EPOFs spoon in the bowl of course. The TCB’s body tenses and leans forward slightly, ready … ready … “come on for heaven’s sake!!” Finally, the EPOF holds out the empty bowl with only the faintest tinge of Tandoori sauce. Aaaahhhh!! Slurp slurp slurp …. It doesn’t get any better for a Tandoori Chicken Boxer.

CAUTION! Tandoori Chicken Boxers … or any other creatures … should never eat the actual Tandoori sauce but only lick the bowl where said sauce used to be!

Freckle’s and my first Rally O seminar and trial

I’m planning to write a longer post on our Rally O weekend October 25-26, but for now, check out the photos of the group of us. You’ll know which are Freckle and me – Freckle was the only boxer. And, yes, it was as cold as it looks – we were in an unheated barn on a horse ranch, but we all had a great time. (posted by Mary-Doug Wright)

Freckle enjoying Vanier Park – what a goofball!

This is one of my favourite photos of Freckle. She’s enjoying the cool spring weather last March and the energy that comes from a looming storm. By the time we walked home from Vanier Park, the rain had begun in earnest.

More photos of Freckle at Vanier that day can be found on my Flickr account, along with lots of others.