Grandma comes to visit

Ceilidh, Freckle and Grandma

Grandma tells a joke

by Ceilidh

Grandma came to visit us a few months ago. She’s a very cool lady (actually we were all a bit cool when this photo was taken as you can see by the blankets). She can tell a joke, I tell ya! I was just howling … but Freckle not so much. Not sure if it’s because she’s was born without a sense of humour–which would be very strange for a Boxer–or if she just doesn’t get Grandma’s wit. To be honest, I think it may just be that Boxer thing about wanting to be the centre of attention and not wanting to share the stage with Grandma. Freckle likes to be the “funny one” and is usually full of silly remarks as you can see in the photo below. It’s true that I can’t hear very well these days, but somebody needs to tell her that she doesn’t need to shout into my ear!

Freckle talking directly into Ceilidh's ear

Freckle sharing a joke with Ceilidh (who is hard of hearing)


2 responses to “Grandma comes to visit

  1. Hi Freckle and Ceilidh. It’s been a very long time since we’ve been in touch. I hope you remember me. I saw you on Rush’s blog and thought I’d stop by. Isn’t it sad about Rush?

    About grandma. Freckle is right. If anyone tries to compete for centre stage with a Boxer, forget it. There’s no way we’ll laugh at their jokes. We are the #1 clowns and that’s it! We’ll tolerate competitors but we will NOT laugh!


  2. Hello Chef! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, we’ve been so busy that we couldn’t keep the blog up to date–but we’re back!

    Yes, Rush was a brave Boxer and it’s terribly sad. It makes me feel a tiny bit better to know that he’s now with our first Boxers: Bridget and Sassy … and many others. They’ll be romping happily while they wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Talk soon, Chef. 🙂

    Freckle & Ceilidh

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