Freckle’s a star!

Freckle is a star
So just how DOES a Boxer star dress? I know that this is a question that’s kept me awake many nights. And now we know. Granted, we had to work pretty hard to get this shot of Freckle in her baseball cap. Everytime we’d get the perfect angle (read: get the silly thing to sit on her head before she whipped her head around and sent her lovely cap flying!), the lighting would change … or someone would walk past and shift her attention.

And why is Freckle a star? Well, let me count the ways… but the reason that led to this photo shoot is that she has become a star in her dog training class! [Never mind that many of the other parents are saying the same about their dogs.] Freckle has been held up as the model–“Watch how Freckle does it.” Or “Freckle’s got it. Watch her.” And usually at least once each class: “Well done, Freckle!” from her extraordinarily talented trainer, Shannon.

Those of you who know Boxers know just how momentous Freckle’s stardom is. Of course, a fair bit of credit must go to Mary Doug who spends hours and hours working with Freckle. To watch them make their way down the street, it looks like freestyle dance (without the music–unless you hum along). Overall, I think the two of them have done a terrific job! Congratulations Freckle! And congratulations Mary Doug on getting this shot of the girl with her cap on her head.


2 responses to “Freckle’s a star!

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  2. Great photo of a great dog. Love the ‘tude! Way to go Freckle! Kelsey will try to live up to Freckle’s great example.

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