Freckle a Victim of Neighbourhood Bully

 Freckle disguised for her “wild life!” magazine interview Freckle was recently interviewed for a little known rag called wild life! She didn’t want me to post this but finally agreed when I told her that it might help other dogs in similar situations. Freckle required that the publishers of wild life! alter her picture so that folks on the street wouldn’t recognize her.

INTERVIEWER: How long has the bullying been going on?

FRECKLE: ….. [silence]

INTERVIEWER: It’s OK to talk about it you know … it’s not a sign of weakness…

FRECKLE:  [heaves a long shuddering sigh and swallows several times. Begins in a shaky voice] …. Um… this is really hard to talk about … you know?

INTERVIEWER: I understand. Bullying is a horrible experience. But you know many other Boxers have been victims as well. Felines are just like that … the bigger and tougher the dog, the bigger kick they get out of it!

FRECKLE: [another sigh…almost sobbing sound] Really? I’ve been feeling so alone… and so vulnerable, you know? Looking out our patio window is a big part of my day and to be afraid that … that … Marmalade will be there … sneering at me with her whiskers and ears slicked back. I never know when she’ll appear from around the corner or from behind the planter. The next thing I know – there she is standing on her hind legs peering into the window – knowing full well that I’ll be there and helpless!

INTERVIEWER: I know …the uncertainty is very difficult …

FRECKLE: My moms go out and chase her away you know … and that’s embarrassing in itself … but she comes BACK and is even more smug!

INTERVIEWER: And so you find that Marmalade is more difficult to cope with than the influx of skunks and raccoons that has occurred recently?

FRECKLE: Oh yes! It’s all about the attitude, you know? It’s all about the attitude!

INTERVIEWER: Uh hmmmm…..

FRECKLE: I could cope with Marmalade if she wasn’t so damn smug! And she taunts me! That’s the thing, isn’t it!

INTERVIEWER: What will you do?

FRECKLE: Well … I’m currently in negotiation with the second floor neighbour cat who also hates Marmalade. The cat upstairs can’t go out… you know? And so he’s really ticked off too. At the moment we’re considering balancing buckets (well, soup tins, really) of water in strategic places which can be tipped at opportune moments.


FRECKLE: We’ll see … we’re still in the planning stages. I’ll keep you posted.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you Freckle for sharing your feelings about this very difficult experience.

FRECKLE: [Sighs heavily…]


2 responses to “Freckle a Victim of Neighbourhood Bully

  1. Poor Freckle. What a frightening experience for her!

    Mary-Doug aka boxerpug

  2. Poor Freckle, the cats here pick on me too, always wanting to spoon me when asleep, and that 1 alpha cat, boy i’d lyk my teef on her, but i was told No Gus, so i be gud. I understand ya bro…Gus

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