Freckle meets spear grass

Kinda similar spear grass seeds Poor Freckle! There’s never a dull moment at our house. Last Wednesday, we noticed that she was flapping her ears… shaking her head. This behaviour continued and seemed to be getting worse. We took a long look into her ears but all seemed to be in order–from what we could see. In fact, they are the cleanest, smoothest, least allergy-ridden ears of any of our Boxers! But there was still something wrong.

Thursday morning … more flapping. Mary Doug made an appointment to see our vet and off we went with Ceilidh in her stroller and Freckle flapping all the way to the clinic. Dr. Janet said she’d better have a look inside and approached Freckle’s head. Freckle rolled her big brown eyes up at her and began to tense. By the time Dr. Janet was about 18 inches away from her ear, she let loose an ear-splitting yodel and jumped away.

Hmmm…. Dr. Janet said. She began to approach Freckle again but this time Freckle was prepared and bolted for the door … which was closed. Dr. Janet nodded and said “I think we’re going to have to sedate her in order to look in there.”

An hour later, we came back to pick Freckle up and were handed a glass tube with three scary-looking seeds in it. These were from Freckle’s ear … and obviously were causing a lot of distress. They were “spear grass seeds” they told us.

Freckle came out to meet us… a little woozy but happy to go home. Now we have two glass tubes on our mantleone with Ceilidh’s tooth and one with Freckle’s spear grass seeds. I love souvenirs!

So … we’ve had to put drops into Freckle’s ear for a week. Ha! In someone’s dreams!! Mary Doug and I have had to feed her half a cow in order to distract her and hog-tie her to boot! Well, I exaggerate … but it hasn’t been easy!

We’ve been pondering just how to keep the spear grass incident from repeating and we’ve come up with the hat. We’ve got one of these babies on order from Amazonbelieve it or not! Who knew? We hope it will fit her OK … but the attractive little flaps will cover her ears to prevent those nasty spear grass seeds from gaining entry. AND, this particular hat even has a small LED light on the top of it. Ah Freckle … you’re SO lucky to have found us!


One response to “Freckle meets spear grass

  1. Oh, yes Freckle is lucky to have you & I’m really looking forward to photo’s of Freckle with hat!!!

    Pats to all

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