A dispersed community rallies

Sassy on the way to her forever home in Vancouver, BC
Sassy on her way to her forever home in Vancouver, BC

In 2002, we adopted our first rescue boxer from Tracy Hon of Chico Boxer Rescue. Though many boxer rescue organizations don’t adopt their charges to people living outside their province/state or region for a variety of reasons, Tracy was willing to take a chance on us giving Sassy a loving home. A home visit was arranged through Boxer Rescue Canada, and once we were approved, we made arrangements to adopt this wonderful boxer girl. We drove the 7 hours down to Portland from Vancouver, BC, to meet up with Tracy and Sassy, who had driven the 10 hours from Chico, CA, to do the “hand-over” in person. Tracy was also meeting up with local boxer rescue workers to try to make more formal ties among them for dealing with the overflow of boxers needing homes from northern California to Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

Imagine our shock when we heard the horrific news last weekend, that Tracy had been attacked and severely mauled on June 7th by one of her rescue dogs – not a Boxer, but an American Bulldog-Bulldog cross. This woman, who has one of the biggest hearts you can imagine, has spent the last week in hospital, valiantly fighting for her life. Both her legs and one arm were shredded, her face was torn up, and her trachea was nearly severed.

The Boxer community and Tracy’s many friends world-wide have stepped up to the plate to help her out, both emotionally and financially. This wonderful woman is a self-employed American without any health or disability insurance, meaning she could be in serious debt for the rest of her life from the expensive hospital and specialist care she’s received, and the continued specialist and rehabilitation care she’s going to need for a long time to come.

The financial support organized by her friends in the Boxer community is of two kinds:

  1. Direct donations to the Tracy Hon Medical Fund organized by Dr. Liz Grauer (Dr. Liz as she likes to be called), a veterinarian practicing in Vancouver, WA, and active in Boxer rescue. There’s information on Dr. Liz’s website at http://www.geocities.com/eagevsdoc/tracyhon.html on where to send a cheque and a button link to make donations by PayPal or credit card.
  2. A raffle organized by the Boxer Rescue Foundation for a beautiful Danbury Mint Boxer Stained Glass Clock designed by Simon Mendez and donated by my Boxerdom friend Debbie Cauble. Direct link to the raffle page is http://azboxer.com/tracyhon.html. Your raffle tickets will be mailed to you in time for the draw on July 15th

This show of support, kindness and outpouring of thoughts and prayers for someone most of us have never met and know only through the Internet is the kind of thing that keeps my faith in human beings alive in a time when pettiness and meanness seem to have become the norm.

(Good news update: Tracy is back home again as of June 15, 2007. Updates on Tracy can be read at Dr. Liz’s website at http://www.geocities.com/eagevsdoc/tracyhon.html.)

Shelley, Freckle-Lexi, Ceilidh and I wish Tracy a speedy recovery, and express a huge thank you to her for allowing us to adopt one of her cherished charges.

Posted by Mary-Doug aka boxerpug

Sassy, Shelley, and Ceilidh on the way from Portland to Vancouver, BC
Sassy, Shelley, and Ceilidh on the way from Portland to Vancouver, BC.

Sassy ever hopeful that one day she’ll catch a squirrel.
Sassy ever hopeful that one day she’ll catch a squirrel.

Ceilidh and Sassy at the community gardens.
Ceilidh and Sassy at the community gardens.

Sassy with a favourite toy.
Sassy with a favourite toy.


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  1. Mom says she is buying some raffle tickets.

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