Wasn’t it a party?

Freckle at her first Boxer party















Those Boxers sure know how to have a good time! Freckle attended her first Boxer Meet-up last Saturday night at Vanier Park at Kits Point. It was a beautiful evening and we were expecting up to 16 Boxers! Sadly only five showed up but we had several Boxer wanna-bees (see the Frenchie and the Pug below). The folks who showed up were very enthusiastic and everyone had a terrific time!

Spock and Pug friend romping in the sand

When we arrived, Freckle was greeted just beyond the parking lot by Harlem—a beautiful one-year-old boy—who is “reverse brindle” … meaning that he looks pretty much black—very unusual for a Boxer. Then we ran into Gracie—a petite little brindle girl who is very sweet. At the beach we met Tonga. Tonga is a gorgeous little fawn Boxer who seems to think that she’s a Golden Retriever. She spent most of the evening chasing a ball whenever she could convince someone to throw it into the ocean. Tonga swims like a fish and reminded us of our Bridget—who was also obsessed with swimming.

Freckle and Harlem and Tonga (or is it Gracie?) play in the surf

Harley is a senior citizen (10 years) and lives with Spock, the French Bulldog. Harley is such a sweet and gentle guy… didn’t get too involved with the athletic antics but enjoyed the outing nonetheless. Just as we were leaving, we ran into Presley—a young (10 months I think) dark brindle girl. We’re hoping that we can spend more time with Presley at the next Meet-up.

Harley resting and watching the party

The Boxers were all pretty much into checking out the beach, digging in the sand, chasing balls into the water, or just watching those who were brave enough to swim waaaay out to get the balls (like Tonga). Freckle found that the beach to be a treasure trove of new smells after hosting hundreds of dogs most likely since her last visit. After an hour and a half, Freckle’s lip began to droop a little like it does when she’s really tired and we decided that maybe she’d had enough partying. We came home and had a rest and a snack. Good times!

Freckle & friend meet a party crasher


4 responses to “Wasn’t it a party?

  1. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing…really love that last one:)

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

    Hope you are well…we are catching up slowly on blogs since it’s our summer mom has been spending more time outdoors than in:) xox

  2. I would have sat and talked with Harley – away from the water!

  3. Man I wish I could meet all those boxers.

  4. What a wonderful day. Great pix!

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