… four teeth later …

Freckle and Ceilidh waiting Did I say that Freckle would be sore today? Well, someone forgot to tell her! She’s perky, ready to roll … she’d be up for a bolt down the beach! Another example of us projecting our own perception of what it feels like to have four teeth extracted? Or is it that animals have an innate “don’t let anyone know you’re in pain and possibly weak” gene that prevents their “real feelings” from showing? Who knows? But Freckle got up this morning and seemed just fine. Granted, she’s had some Metacam with her breakfast to help with the pain… and she’s on soft food… tonight was macaroni, tinned salmon and mashed carrots. She LOVED it! Ceilidh on the other hand thinks that pasta is a snack — not a meal! She’s been hanging out in the kitchen making groaning noises to let us know that she’s there. … and the food hasn’t appeared yet!!

There’s always bedtime snack, Ceilidh!


One response to “… four teeth later …

  1. Found you through DWB.
    Glad to hear Freckles doing well, will be looking in again to see how things work out

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