Freckle goes to the dentist

Freckle snoozin’ after surgery

Freckle’s trip to the dentist was a doozie! When she came to live with us we discovered that she had many broken teeth–in addition to her broken jaw that makes her tongue hang out the side of her mouth. We scheduled a “check up” for today–maybe more like a tune-up and detailing. She’s also had a couple of bumps and a blood blister checked out–Boxers are bumpy and you always have to be cautious. All seems to be OK!

So…poor Freckle had to have FOUR extractions! Mary Doug went to pick her up at about 4:00 and by the time I got home at 5:00, she was lounging on the dog couch. She looked up at me and then got up and made her way to the door to meet me… somewhat unsteadily. By 6:30 when I began to prepare the dog dinners I watched to see what her reaction would be. We were told to feed her a small “soft” meal if she was interested.

Interested? She was VERY interested! With gusto she ate two teeny servings of oatmeal and chopped turkey breast… and looked for more. She’s had a lot of medication today …Freckle looking dozey after her dental surgery tomorrow she’ll be pretty sore. I wish that we could explain… but that’s just the way it is I guess.

Poor Freckle … her tongue always hangs out more droopily when she’s tired or stressed… I suspect that tonight she’s both.


One response to “Freckle goes to the dentist

  1. She’s awfully cute with that tongue sticking out!

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