A few of our favourite snacks

Bananas BEFORE they’re rottenHere are some highlights from the favourite snack poll.

Jesse loves those imitation (probably carcinogenic) bacon strips. We don’t buy them often, for obvious reasons, but when we do, she goes quite bonkers over them. [I know Jesse … and I believe she would go bonkers! And we don’t ALWAYS eat stuff that’s healthy for us, do we? Read on…]

Peanut butter stuffed into a bone is great but rotten banana skins found under hedges rock the house. [Eeeeewwwww! Started out pretty good … but … Maybe if you explained what it IS about rotten banana skins …]

Roast Chicken [What an excellent choice! How many chickens can you eat at once?]

Billy will eat almost anything. He LOVES treats, big or small. Never fed him fruit before, but he does love vanilla ice cream and would eat chocolate too but that’s a no no for dogs! http://billy-boozer.blogspot.com [Check out Bill’s blog — it’s amazing!]

Ceilidh LOVES pretty much everything–except pickles not so much. Besides stuff that most dogs like–roast chicken, banana (not the skins though – yuk! That’s just gross, Gavin!), vanilla ice cream and probably carcinogenic bacon strips, Ceil is just apoplectic at salad-makin’ time. The crunchy ends of romaine lettuce are to die for! And cheese, and yoghurt, and cottage cheese, and mango, green and red pepper, turkey, snow peas, tomato, I could go on and on.

Freckle … well, she’s a “meat and potatoes kinda girl” as Mary Doug says … but hold the potatoes. We don’t think that she’d experienced much in the way of “human food” before she came to live with us. But now … I’d have to say that her FAVOURITE thing in the world is salmon. The girls get tinned salmon a couple of times a week. In fact, one morning Freckle stood at the kitchen counter (balancing herself with her arms) and tried to eat the second half of Ceilidh’s breakfast (Ceilidh eats too fast and makes herself sick so we usually do her meals in two shifts!). But I digress… the most recent thing that Freckle has discovered is mango. After rolling it around in her mouth for five minutes, she finally chewed it and her eyes just lit up. Now, we have to keep the mangoes locked up with the salmon.

Sassy–the Boxer before Freckle–she was the mango queen! Oh how she loved mango … and lettuce, and peppers, and apple (well, in a pinch), and cherries (without the pits), and all the usual stuff too. Oh, and the saddest thing I’ve ever seen? Sassy LOVED bananas … the inside part, Gav, not the yukky outside part after it’s gotten too old. And not too long before she got sick and had to go to the Bridge, we discovered that she was allergic to them… like many many things (yes, we had allergy tests done). I think that Sassy would say, “It’s times like this when I think that humans have it made … if you love it … ya gotta do it. Cuz you never know how long you’ll have.” Sassy could have eaten quite a few bananas before she had to leave (only 3 weeks from diagnosis until her death last July).

Before Sassy, there was Bridget. And Bridget was absolutely obsessed with apples! She would remember the exact location of a rotten apple in a snow drift 12 blocks away. Long after the snow had melted, next time we went that way she would dive at it and enjoy one big gulp of slimy, rotten apple. Maybe there’s a support group out there … whaddya think Gav? Bridget also liked peanut butter and toast … and muffins. I hope she’s dining like a queen at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for sharing your favourite snacks everybody!


One response to “A few of our favourite snacks

  1. er, Dakota loves the Romaine lettuce, too! Wacky!

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