Morning routine survey highlights part two

Question #3: How late will your dog let you sleep on weekends and holidays?

1:00pm. He is the best!

We usually sleep in..which for us is 6:30 AM

5:30 am… but sometimes they let us go back to bed

5:30 am

Between 8:30 & 9 am.

Absolutely as long as I want – but I make sure they’ve had a good run & playbefore I go to bed

Sleep in? What does that mean?

As long as we want or until we start feeling guilty about letting her out to pee or making her breakfast.

As long as Jenny got a pee after about midnight I’m good until atleast 10 am usually. She’s not too early of a riser either.

They wait for the signal, me getting out of bed – and since we rise early in this household even on the weekends, it isn’t really an issue.

Question #4: How do they tell you that it’s time to get up?

Dakota starts crying when the alarm goes off. Cubby doesn’t tell us.

Dharma stands up and gets her face in mine and gives me a smooch.

flapping ears

Stomping, tapping, whining if need be. Buster is HUNGRY and needs his breakfast IMMEDIATELY.

A wet nose to find me to kiss me awake, then playtime

They’re happy to just lie on the bed – unless they hear something outside

About the only way she’ll rouse(?)us is by barking at some dog going by the house. We’re not sure if this is a ploy to get us up or not.

She stands on me.

Sometimes they sit up in their beds and stare until we get up or they’re told to go back to sleep.

Who are these creatures?

Cubby is a 7-8 year old rescued boxer – we’ve had him for almost two years. Dakota is a black Lab/golden mix. She loves her brother boxer.

Dharma is a wonderful,warm, loving and affectionate boxer. She can be very stubborn. We do “butt heads”. And yes she wins many times. But she is well behaved when it counts, like going to the vets & pet stores.

Buster – rescued brindle boxer boy approximately 10 years old. He’s been with us for 5 years. Extremely mellow and sweet.

She is a Boxer Rescue, 3 years old. She is fawn & white with natural ears, most beautiful eyes ever.

Plato, flashy brindle boxer, natural ears, docked tail. A big boy, 4 years old. Timmy, flashy red boxer, natural tail & ears. A rescue at 10 months. now 2 years old. Super-enthusiastic playmate of Plato. Both boys full of love.

small Boxer, medium Boxer and large Boxer

We have a 5 year old mutt, Jesse and two cats, one 8 and one 12.

My dog is a mini-Australian shepherd and full of love and craziness. Added to this is three amazing cats, all with distinct and at times…loud personalities.

Really cute 65 pound Boxer. Really cute 18 pound Pug.


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