Dogs and morning routine–survey highlights

Warning: don’t let your dogs read this… there may be some new ideas here that they hadn’t already thought of. Freckle, leave the laptop alone!


Here are some highlights from question #1: How much time do you spend in conversation with your dog(s) after rising each morning?


Three said “It never stops … I’m home with them all day.”


Zero said “Less than three minutes …”


Two said “Four to ten minutes, depending on what they have to say.”


One said “Sometimes I have to call in sick because they have so much to tell me.”


Others said:


“We awake at 4:30 and I leave for work at 6:30 … SO we spend about 1 1/2 hours having fun.”


“As much as I can fit in before I leave for work.”


“Conversation X three dogs takes at least 1/2 to 45 minutes!”


“It’s pretty much non-stop until I leave the door for work.”


In answer to question #2: How does your dog greet you first thing in the morning?


Cubby looks up at me with disdain and then goes back to sleep. After my bathroom routine, he lets me kiss him and rub his belly before he finally agrees it’s time to get up. Meanwhile, his sister, Dakota, is downstairs crying for us to come down.”


“Dharma usually puts her head on my arm or chest and just watches me, as I pretend to be asleep.”


“Dancing, lots of dancing.”


“Tap tap tap of toes on hardwood floor … at 5:30 am even on weekends when the alarm doesn’t go off at that time. Stomping and huffing into the bedroom.”


“Kisses, kisses, and more kisses, then a mad dash to go potty.”


One or other or both just come up and lie on the bed.”


“The ‘I’m hungry’ nudges from Princess. Kidneybeans [a special kind of Boxer dance where their bodies wiggle and bend into a kidney bean shape—repeatedly and at high speed!] and barks from Britany and ‘I love you’ kisses from Major.”


“Jesse sleeps in her basket in the living room (we have to block the bedroom door off as she’ll come in and steal the cats’ food). She’s usually still dead to the world when I get up and greet her. I get a little wag from her tail (if it’s not stuck under her) and that’s about it. I’m more energetic than she is in the morning.”


“She wags her whole body so hard, sometimes she falls over. She doesn’t have any problems, she’s just literally wagging herself to the max.”


“Pooch #1 [that’d be Freckle] slides up to the bed quietly and snuffles and licks my face. She then slowly sneaks up onto the bed and lies down, more often than not, right on top of me. Pooch #2 [that’d be Ceilidh] pounces on me full body (luckily she’s the smaller one) and proceeds to lick my face.”



Watch for highlights soon from question #3 & #4: How late will your dog let you sleep on weekends? and How does your dog tell you it’s time to get up?


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