Ceilidh is under the weather

Ceilidh feeling under the weather

Poor Ceilidh is feeling punky. The night before last her tummy started to feel unhappy and she spent the entire night wandering around the house and asking to go outside every hour. It was a long night for all of us. After several bouts of diarrhea and vomiting yesterday morning, off we went to see our vet—Dr. Janet Adam at Granville Island Veterinary Hospital. Ceilidh knows Janet well. Janet was there when Ceilidh (at age 6) suffered a twisted lung lobe and couldn’t breathe. She was also there four months later when Ceilidh suffered bloat! Ceilidh has been around the block and does tend to get a bit wound up when she has to visit the clinic. But really, yesterday’s visit was a piece of cake—no scary symptoms (or procedures) other than an exam for the tummy upset. We picked up a prescription for Metronidazole and returned home to rest. Last night we were up only twice and today Ceilidh enjoyed a teaspoon of Gerber’s chicken baby food for breakfast… with great lip-smacking and a grin that indicated she’d like the entire jar, please!

For creatures who live in the moment, feeling punky is baaad! As one of the humans in the house, I strive to live in the moment, but also know that what I’m experiencing right now will change. It will pass, get better, get worse… but it will always change. I wonder if creatures know that what they’re experiencing in the moment will change. Are they aware that what’s happening in this moment—as crummy or as wonderful as it might be—will be different when it becomes another moment? I don’t know. Any thoughts?


One response to “Ceilidh is under the weather

  1. Poor Ceilidh. I hope the blahs leave soon. I’ll send some boxer healing vibes your way.

    We are also familiar with the vet for a variety of reasons.

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