What’s your dog’s morning routine?

Freckle and Ceilidh greet each day with such enthusiasm that I have to smile—every single morning. They jump on the bed and wag, and lick, and snuggle as if they haven’t seen me for weeks. I love it! It’s a wonderful reminder that each new day is a gift and we should be excited about the possibilities—expected and unexpected—that will unfold.

I’m not sure why, but as time goes by I seem to be spending more and more time engaged in our morning greeting ritual. Sometimes I set my alarm to begin the process a bit earlier with the intention of getting to work earlier, but it never fails … I just end up spending more time with the girls. A few weeks ago I began to wonder about other dogs’ morning routines.

On the right side of your screen you’ll find a link to our first poll: What’s your dog’s morning routine? Please tell us how your dog starts your day and we’ll post summaries. For those of you accustomed to snazzy polling applications—sorry. Due to some WordPress.com restrictions to ensure security of their hosted blogs, we’ve had to be creative. We’ve used SurveyMonkey.com (a terrific tool for surveys, by the way) which means that we are unable to offer a graphic summary of poll results as we go along.

So, don’t be shy… let us know what your dog does during the first hour of each day. And if you have ideas for future polls, let us know that too. Email me at s_hourston at hotmail.com.

Oh … we’d also love to hear about your dogs who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Never miss an opportunity for fond memories …


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