It just takes practice! [This is a true story!]

Last night, Mary Doug caught Freckle in “mid-flight” as she dashed to her “waiting for dinner” position. Never mind that I was still walking Ceilidh and their dinner was at least 15 minutes away! Apparently, when Freckle heard Mary Doug heat the dinners in the microwave, she decided she’d better get into her dinner place soon, lest she miss out. Mary Doug heard a weird “scritching” sound and turned to see what it was. Looking remarkably like a figure skater, Freckle was fully engaged in … a layback spin … or a waltz jump … we’re a bit rusty on our figure skating terms. I just checked the CBC Olympic website Figure Skating Glossary and Boxers routinely do a number of the things described there. For example, the “flying sit spin” which the glossary describes as “a jump spin in which the [Boxer] leaps upwards and assumes a sitting position at the peak of the jump before landing in a similar position on the same or opposite foot.” Another example would be the “camel spin” where “the [Boxer] spins on one leg with the free leg[s] extended in the air, parallel to the ice.” Or what about the triple jump (all Boxer owners will recognize this one) which is “a jump of three or more, but less than four, revolutions.”

However, Mary Doug is pretty certain that she observed Freckle executing a layback spin defined by the CBC glossary as follows: “Usually performed in the women’s division only, the [Boxer] spins in an upright position. As the speed of spin increases, she drops her head and shoulders backwards, arching her back. [Boxers] often use different arm and leg variations with this spin.”

I asked her to relay the story several times so we could be sure. And I agree, it seems more likely to be a layback spin than a waltz jump described by the glossary like this: “From an outside edge, the [Boxer] takes off and completes a half-revolution in the air. He or she lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. This jump is not usually performed in competition.”

Boxers are sooooo athletic and graceful! There’s nothing like settling down on a Saturday evening with a nice glass of brandy and a roaring fire to watch a round of Boxer (sometimes called figure) skating. We’re still marveling at the innovative modifications that Freckle introduced in her routine last night! Mary Doug said that “she was confident … and had never been stronger.” All skates were off the floor at the same time and as she “dropped her head and shoulders backward” as required in the layback spin, she flashed a brilliant smile, showing off her nubbled teeth broken off during events from less happy times. Her Boxer lips fluttered jubilantly and her eyes gazed at the ceiling before a perfect landing in “dinner waiting position.” Yes indeed, we are proud of our girl! Now we just need to work on her timing … but we’ve got three years before 2010 and we’re gonna make it!


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